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My name’s Matthew Stephens. I’ve worked at the intersection of design and technology for over 22 years, most recently as VP of Design at The Zebra. I build high-performing teams and design award-winning products. Beyond that, I also write about ethics, accessibility, diversity, and education within design.

At The Zebra, I scaled a Design org from 3 to 22 in 3 years. My teams included product and marketing design, research, and operations. We built a suite of products that increased revenue by 900%, along with a 100% retention rate on my team.

Before The Zebra, I was the Co-Founder of DeviantArt.com, the largest online art gallery in the world. With over 30 million works of art and 300 million users, I know what it’s like to operate and lead at the largest scale.

I’m also involved in the larger design community, both in Austin and abroad. I’ve been a member of Invision’s Design Leadership Forum and am currently serving on the Advisory Board for Austin Design Week. I also donate my time and design skills to various non-profits, including American Cancer Society.

In a previous life, I was a competitive ultimate frisbee player. During my career, I appeared in multiple national and world championships. Other interests include soccer, birding, and video games.

I hold a Radio-Television-Film degree from The University of Texas at Austin, where I focused on digital media.

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