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Tennis App UI

New Dribble Post: Tennis App UI Refresh

I've wanted to refresh the UI on this for 4 years and finally found the time to jump back into it. This is an app that analyzes and breaks down tennis matches into clips of each point. Then, using machine learning, is able to distinguish between the types of plays, helping you visualize when important moments occur.

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Cizr Tennis UI

New Work: Tennis App Data Visualization

Working on a new dark version of the Cizr UI. Timeline data visualization allows the user to jump to important points in the match. Size of the dot represents the significance of the event. Still a work in progress...

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Heatmap Gradient Freebie

Free Heatmap Gradients

I do alot of data visualization these days and heatmaps are often a big part of that. I couldn't find any good presets, so I decided to create my own. Hope you like them.

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User Onboarding Template

Free Mobile Onboarding Template

I've spent alot of time lately planning out the onboarding process for multiple clients. To make things easier, I created a template that I could use to quickly copy and paste commonly used elements into my wireframes.

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