New Dribbble Post: Rebrand

After a successful brand sprint where we designed the logo, colors, fonts etc., I engaged with Julian Burford for the homepage illustration. This is the final result.

New Dribbble Post: Tennis App UI Refresh

Tennis App UI

I’ve wanted to refresh the UI on this for 4 years and finally found the time to jump back into it. This is an app that analyzes and breaks down tennis matches into clips of each point. Then, using machine learning, is able to distinguish between the types of plays, helping you visualize when important moments occur.

New Miroverse Template: Card Brainstorming

Card Brainstorming Template

New approach to brainstorming that focuses on what’s valuable, what you’re good at, and what needs to be improved. I use it all the time for generating new ideas and choosing what to prioritize first.

Great Article: A Designer’s Code of Ethics

Mushroom Cloud

Rarely do designers take a step back and ask themselves about the human impact of their work. Are we doing good? How do my designs fit into the larger fabric of society? This article does a good job of addressing this.