Matthew Stephens
Design Leader


My Work Rebrand

I ran a minimum viable brand sprint for and felt good about the final results. Illustrations by Tristan Kromopawiro.

Hire Women Week Branding

Hire Women Week Branding

Excited to work on the branding for Hire Women Week with the amazing illustrator Rhianna Marie Chan and talented designer Lauren Tullos, an event put on by Lady Bird Talent, whose mission is to elevate 1,000 women into tech leadership roles. Check it out and sign up, May 9-13, 2022. Rebrand and Redesign

Scraping Bee Rebrand

I did a quick brand refresh and marketing website for Illustrations by Varun Kumar. Rebrand

After a successful brand sprint where we designed the logo, colors, fonts etc., I engaged with Julian Burford for the homepage illustration. This is the final result.

Spark Advisors Rebrand

Spark Advisors Rebrand

Full rebrand for Spark Advisors. Really happy with the logos and patterns, but especially proud of our approach towards accessibility. We used a font called Atkinson’s Hyperlegible, developed by The Braille Institute and ensured that all colors were AAA compliant with WCAG’s standards.

Tennis App UI

Tennis App UI Refresh

I’ve wanted to refresh the UI on this for 4 years and finally found the time to jump back into it. This is an app that analyzes and breaks down tennis matches into clips of each point. Then, using machine learning, is able to distinguish between the types of plays, helping you visualize when important moments occur.

Card Brainstorming Template

New Miroverse Template: Card Brainstorming

New approach to brainstorming that focuses on what’s valuable, what you’re good at, and what needs to be improved. I use it all the time for generating new ideas and choosing what to prioritize first.

ACSCAN Booklet

American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network Booklet

I’ve been happy to volunteer my time at the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network. This is a booklet I designed for Texas senators and representatives to share their cancer stories. Learn more at